Welcome to the Petzinger Brothers Podcast website. The five of us were raised on a 5 acre plot of oddly shaped farmland outside the small city of Caldwell, Idaho. We were raised by our father, a German immigrant, and our mother, daughter of an Air Force family.

Dad worked as a German, Drafting, Russian, and Math teacher at the local high school, but was actually an abstract artist whose canvas was the farm, whose paints were construction materials and livestock, and whose brushes were shovels, trowels, buckets, tape measures, and hammers.

Mom worked to keep the gears of the family running as smoothly as possible, but was actually a runway model with great fashion sense whose wardrobe was conjured up from thrift store shelves and hangers, and whose catwalks were the hallways of church, sidewalks in the park, and the aisles of markets.

It has been decades since we all lived together on that small patch of land in the countryside of western Idaho. We have all gone our separate ways. So, to not lose to the inescapable passage of time, the memories, stories, mishaps, and adventures that formed our unique upbringing, we have set about to make permanent our recollections, thoughts, and experiences in the form of these podcasts.

Technology has rendered the distance between us immaterial. The five of us gather together as though around a virtual dining table and commit our conversations to digital permanence. It is our sincere hope that hearing our podcasts will be as much fun for listeners as it is for us making them. To our posterity we say, this is your heritage. To our friends, family, and listeners we say, enjoy.



Episode 15 - Fashion

No one would have ever made the mistake of referring to us boys as fashionable back then. What we wore was determined by what was available from the shelves and bins of thrift and second-hand stores. For us, it was function over fashion. Enjoy as we relive our plaid past.

Podcast 15 2009-10-18


Episode 14 - Inheritance

Reflecting on who we are inevitably leads to an exploration of what was passed down to us from the preceding generations. Let us share with you some of the traits, characteristics, habits, and genetics that we have identified as our family inheritance.

Podcast 14 2009-10-12


Episode 13 - Sports

Our adventures in the world of athletic endeavors don't necessarily qualify as sports in the traditional sense of the word. With a few exceptions, our forrays onto the courts and fields were not noteworthy. That didn't matter, though. We had a good time playing then, and remembering now.

Podcast 13 2009-10-04


Episode 12 - Chores

Chores: An unavaoidable reality of every household. We take a look back at some of the daily tasks that were a very real part of living on the farm. In the cold of winter and the heat of summer we were the little gears in the machine of the farm.

Podcast 12 2009-09-27


Episode 11 - Traditions

Every family has a collection of shared experiences and activities that together form a unique set of traditions or customs. Listen along as we remember some of the traditions that brought a true sense of continuity to our family.

Podcast 11 2009-09-20